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Why E-Bikes?


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6 reasons why an E-Bike is the best thing you'll buy...

1. E-Bikes or Electric bikes offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

2. E-Bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 km/h (as per Australian regulations) which is much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape.

3. E-Bikes make pedalling easier. Essentially, E-Bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered “assist” so when you pedal or apply pressure to the pedals, the motor kicks in to take some of the load.

4. You are in control. You can adjust the E-Bike settings so you can choose how much boost you get.

5. E-Bikes open up a whole new world. By taking some of the load, E-Bikes can help you cover greater distances so you can ride more, try new trails while building your endurance and confidence.

6. E-Bikes provide zero emission transport, reducing or eliminating toxic emissions, engine noise and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as freeing up traffic congestion.

E-Bikes are for Everyone!

Men and Women - All ages – all fitness levels

E-Bikes allow people to feel equal amongst experienced and non-experienced riders and individuals of differing strengths and abilities.

Work colleagues and conference attendees

For work colleagues and conference attendees, E-Bikes are a great way to socialise and network easily in a safe and refreshing outdoor environment. The equalising capabilities of these power assisted bikes enable you to stay together and ride at the same pace without pressure and/or push individually with a lower power assist – as you prefer.

Professional athletes

E-Bikes complement other fitness regimens and broaden training options.

Families and friends ages:

Siblings, parents, friends, work colleagues, can ride together, keep up with each other, cover more ground, go over more interesting trails and terrain and have a happier and healthier riding experience with one another.

13-17 year olds
Ride further to and from school and then to the trails or MTB parks without necessarily needing a lift from parents.

18-25 year olds
Car mobility becoming less attractive hence E-Bikes are a great way to commute between home and work or home and study and to easily gather as friends particularly on weekends.

25-50 year olds
Can replace their enduro bike with an E-Bike. E-Bikes are capable of high performance on trails.

50-80 year olds
Can feel a new type of freedom and adrenaline in a safe enjoyable environment.

Enduro Riders/racers
E-Bikes help hone skills with improved efficiency by riding more trail in the same amount of time.

Cross Country riders/racers
E-Bikes hone skills with improved efficiency by riding more trail in the same amount of time, as well as cadence training due to adjustable electrical power output.

Downhill Mountain bike riders/racers
E-Bikes are outstanding training for downhill racing and facilitating improved training efficiency through more time on the trail to hone skills, Training concentration, e.g. E-Bikes force riders to select line choice riding up single track.

Individuals with injuries
Excellent for rehabilitation – with proper supervision, E-Bikes can take the edge off chronic injury, such as back or knee pain and allow people to control and moderate exercise and regain strength, muscle function, and flexibility.

Post Rehabilitation
Stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. A new fun and motivating social activity.

If you're still unconvinced, try before you buy! Why not join a Will Ride tour or hire an E-Bike.