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Will Ride E-Bike Adventures Tours

Let the professionals take you on an Adelaide E-Bike adventure

Let the professionals take you on an Adelaide E-Bike adventure

Let us take you on an adventure of Adelaide and its surrounding beauty. Whether you're making a day of it (or a date of it) you can enjoy the breeze on your face, the sun on your skin and the thrill of going further and farer than you thought you could. We love sharing the scenery and the eBike difference with groups of all skill levels.

Download our Guided Tour Brochure or read about the details here.

Here's what you can look forward to on a Will Ride E-Bike tour...

Pristine national parks

With five legalised bike parks within 20-30 minutes of the store, the Will Ride team can take you on an E-Bike tour of the Adelaide hills highlighting hidden legal trails.


Tours use dual suspension E-Bikes making them a great option for groups of different ability and fitness. It is also an excellent way to try an E-Bike and see if it is what you want.

Tour Guide

Let the Will Ride team take you on an unforgettable adventure, with bike coaching, tips, and advice along the way to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire ride.

Bespoke - All levels welcome

Tours are designed specifically to cater for the interests, fitness, experience and time that suits our clients. From two hours to two days, with or without accommodation, and for individuals and small groups, we organise tours to meet your needs.

If you are unsure, we recommend a 2 hour E-Bike tour of Cleland National Park, and the surrounding Mt Lofty Ranges. Alternatively, tour the city and its parklands from our Glen Osmond store.

**As our commitment to getting people active and outdoors we discount the price of a tour from the sale of an E-Bike.

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A little bit more about what we offer...


We use new, top of the range E-Bikes which are professionally serviced and maintained to ensure your riding safety and comfort. It is possible to bring your own bike if you prefer.

Experienced Tour Guides

Our tour guides are all experienced cyclists who have experience in road, track, mountain bike and downhill cycling. What they all have in common is wanting to share their love of cycling in beautiful South Australia.

Helmets and Locks

Our tours all come with fitted bike helmets and locks so that anytime we want to stop for lunch we don’t need to worry. Of course if you want to bring your own helmet you can.

Easy or hard

We take care to match the fitness, skills, time and interests of our customers with the different tracks and rides. Our knowledge means the ride will suit your requirements.

One Way Rides

One way rides are always a possibility and we can arrange transport or collection for you and your bikes at the end of the tour if you wish.

Time to suit you

We like to customize our tours to suit the times that you want to ride. We know some people love early mornings while others like to ride to lunch, and in the summer the evenings are stunning.

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