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Testimonial: Excellent Service, and great products at Will Ride

Excellent Service, and great products at Will Ride

Two years ago I bought a new bike from a local bike shop (nothing special just a cheap mountain bike) but I could not get my wife Linda enthused about bike riding. After being encouraged by Roger at Will Ride to give an E-Bike a go, Linda’s attitude changed. The ease of riding, confidence of starting that the power assistance gives, ability to go uphill without too much effort, and negation of the effect of any headwind, all added together to form the words “I want one!”Well, that meant two bikes because I was impressed with the ride and ability to climb uphill with relative ease – I wanted one too. We are not that interested in off-road biking so we both chose the Como urban E-Bikes. Will and Roger were fantastic – they had the technical knowledge, good customer service – encouraging without being pushy – and appeared excited for us. We would definitely recommend anyone to give the E-Bikes a go – once you try you’ll get hooked, and Will Ride is the place to go to get one.