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Merida 2021 eONE Sixty 700

This product only available in one colour and size.
— Glossy Met. Teal/Anthracite - Medium.



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After three years at the top of the full-suspension e-bike market, the most decorated bike in MERIDA’s history, the ‘original’ eONE-SIXTY found its successor in the all-new carbon eONE-SIXTY, ready for the 2020 season. The new bike would bring a long list of exciting features to the table while preserving the often praised riding characteristics of the 'original' eONE-SIXTY. But the team at MERIDA are very aware that a carbon front triangle might not be everybody’s preferred choice and that there is a need to broaden the price range of our e-enduro bikes. These two factors were enough to go back to the drawing board and to develop the all-aluminium version of the bike, which was launched only a few months after the carbon eONE-SIXTY. For the 2021 season, we have extended our all-aluminium range to altogether three models, offering our customers plenty of choice to find the perfect eONE-SIXTY.

Similarly, to the carbon version, the all-aluminium eONE-SIXTY embodies e-enduro bikes, instead of the normally needed shuttle to session your favourite tracks, you have your own built-in engine to assist you to the top. On downhills, it still feels like a normal bike, agile due to its perfectly tuned MTB geometry, but more planted because of the higher weight. But the eONE-SIXTY can be so much more. The last few years have shown that our e-enduro bike is often used as a super comfortable and capable 'SUV' bike. Because of the advantages of more travel, bigger tyres and comfortable geometry, it is pure fun even on less demanding tracks and trails, and the all-aluminium version is set to make lots of friends among the 'SUV' fraternity.

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