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Urban Arrow Cargo/Family Bosch Performance Line 500wh

This product only available in one colour and size.
— White - Medium.


This item is 'click & collect' only

This item is only available for click & collect. After your online purchase, give us a ring and we can organise a time to pick up your brand new E-Bike after we've assembled it in store.

Escape the rush, and stay active while spending time with your kids!

  • The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist with which you can transport your children through the urban jungle quickly and safely. The bicycle has a light aluminium frame and is highly manoeuvrable, so you can zigzag smoothly through the traffic. Our accessories, like the folding bench or extra seat on the back, allow you to fully customise the bike to your family’s needs. All with a stylish Dutch design. Don’t take the car – go by bike. What more could your family want?

Product specifications available for download on the Urban Arrow website: