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Blog The benefits of E-Bikes from a high performance cycling athlete

E-Bikes are for everyone. Just ask Kristina Clonan, high performance athlete and unlikely E-Biker.

E-Bikes are for everyone. Just ask Kristina Clonan, high performance athlete and unlikely E-Biker.

Posted on: 27th November

If you’re a weekend warrior, a commuter, a racer, E-Bikes are the new age of bike riding, that is oh. So. Fun.

My main discipline is track cycling and I'm currently training with the AIS out at Gepps Cross. Since working at Will Ride and being surrounded by mountain bike fanatics, mountain E-Bikes is something I never really considered for myself but was naturally drawn to. 

So, I'd love to give you my run down on the benefits of E-Bikes, from someone who was a novice and an unlikely E-Biker. 

The beauty of E-Bikes is the option of assistance levels; for me, this is incredible for a recovery ride, where I want to get off the road and back to nature, but, on the flip side, it is an incredible high intensity cross training tool.

High intensity Training

Let me explain; being relatively new to the mountain biking side of the sport, E-Bikes allow me to ride to a heart rate within the ‘fat burning’ range (if you’re into data, that’s T2), this range improves cardiovascular fitness and aerobic threshold. I found this a lot more beneficial than riding a regular mountain bike where my heart rate continuously spiked, consequently shortening the overall ride time because I was riding at an intensity where I fatigued quite quickly. So, for an overall ride, my nominal power was consistent and my overall ride time was comparably more.

Low Intensity Training/ Mental Health Benefits

The low intensity training or the recovery rides, as I mentioned, is a great opportunity to get back to nature, and is incredible for my mental health. Cycling, for me, has always been an escape. It's an opportunity to enter into a mindfulness state and just ride along hours of endless trails or roads. E-Bikes has meant that I don’t need to cut that state short by running out of legs. My morale is high, even on days where I’m sitting on the couch contemplating if I should or shouldn’t go for my recovery ride. It’s as physically hard as you want it to be. This is due to the levels of assistance, with different modes you can increase and decrease the level of support. This option means I feel good on my bad days, and it goes without saying that this option makes it extremely attractive for all ages, genders and abilities.

low intensity rides is an opportunity to socialise in nature

Coming from someone who (regrettably) had never ridden an E-Bike before I met Will and the team, I can honestly say E-Bikes are for everyone. They're for Olympic athletes who can pump out 2200 watts, and for my parents who just want to enjoy the ride and soak up nature. 

Words by Kristina Clonan.