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20,000km commuter

Posted on: 7th December

Nathan has committed to the commuter lifestyle clocking now over 20,000 kms. We are absolutely loving this blog post by Nathan as he breaks down the health, economical and enjoyment factors that has lead to his lifestyle switch to E-biking! Congratulations Nathan from everyone at Will Ride on your incredible achievement, and here's to the next 20,000 kms!

Rider profile

Name: Nathan

eBike: Giant Fast road e 2+ (2019)

Discipline: Commuter, road

Upgrades: Drop bars, STI shifters, Vision Team 30 wheelset.

Level: AWC - All weather cyclist. Rain hail or shine

Weight: 75kg

Age: 40-45


Km per day: 50km

Elevation gain: 658m

Average time:

  • In: 53 mins

  • Home: 1h 10m

Battery usage. (max assistance)

  • 250w, 80nm Torque

  • Battery remaining each day:
    • 400wh ~ 10%

    • 500wh ~ 33%

Carbon impact

  • 4.8T per year (50km commute, 9.8L/100 2.0L petrol, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year)


  • Health, Reduce risk of diabetes through active lifestyle. Reduced risk of COVID exposure by avoiding public transport. Keep active, reduce tension and stress.

  • Economical, saving over $3300 a year on public transport and driving. Or over $6,600 driving and parking. Environmental impact 4.8T carbon per year

  • Fun! Much better than being stuck on a bus! Fresh air, vitamin D

Why I commute

A few years ago, I was diagnosed as insulin resistant - a step towards becoming a diabetic. One of the causes of Insulin resistance is a sedentary lifestyle, something as an IT professional I knew all too well - 8 hours at the keyboard plus an extra one to two hours on the bus each day. Having three kids meant that as soon as I stepped in the door it was on, so I didn’t have time for the gym. So when I spotted a new eBike shop in Stirling, WillRide, I had the idea of commuting to work. With my level of fitness and living in the hills it meant that an eBike was a must. I could swap the time sitting on a bus with exercise and the ebike meant that I didn’t arrive home completely stuffed, so I could then help with the family bedtime routine.

After doing the math, I worked out that driving to the bus stop, bus ticket and petrol were costing me about $70 a week or $3,360 a year. Double that if I was to drive and park in town. (12 months parking $4,788 in CBD plus $1,880 Petrol = $6670)

Commuting to work on the eBike means that I no longer have to stand in the cold waiting for a bus and I get to run to my own timetable. I’m up, on the bike, moving and I have much more energy now than when I commuted on public transport. If you factor in the driving time, wait time and travel time, my commute to work is only a few minutes more on the bike. Coming home is a little longer, but when traffic is at a stand still I much prefer the breeze on the bike to being stuck on the sunny side of the bus.

I regularly had tension headaches and problems with my back and neck, but since switching to the bike I've rarely had to pay my physio a visit. After a stressful day at work, I can often feel the tension fading as I head up the hill. Having an eBike also gives me the ability to switch it up, if I want more of an exercise session I can lower the assistance or if I'm completely stuffed, I can set max assistance and enjoy a leisurely ride home.

Commuting by bike has also meant for my family that we could drop from two cars to one. One less car on the road and 4.8 tonne less carbon each year. I also have two batteries for my eBike, allowing me to leave one at home, charging by solar, so it’s ready to go the next day.

I can't recommend commuting via eBike enough, get out there, get moving - on your terms. eBikes are a great way to get started and keep going. Helps you feel great as well as doing your bit to prevent climate change.