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Blog, Trails & Locations Adelaide's best tracks and trails for E-Bikes

There are a number of different tracks and trails that are great on the E-Bike. Here are a few of Lucas' favourites.

There are a number of different tracks and trails that are great on the E-Bike. Here are a few of Lucas' favourites.

Posted on: 7th December

There are a number of different tracks and trails that are great on the E-Bike. Will Ride team member and E-Bike champion Lucas Pitt shares three of his regulars.

Mt Lofty

Adelaide's best tracks and trails for E-Bikes

Mt Lofty is a great location for riders who are just getting into E-mountain biking. There is a wide variety of green and blue trails taking in picturesque views along the way. These trails are accessible from a number of locations some of which include Mt Lofty Summit carpark, Cleland Conservation Park and Waterfall Gully Road. Navigation is simple with trail markers and grading on each signpost for each trail as well as detailed maps throughout showing where you are in relation to each trail. The newest trail added to the map is the Steub Trail going from the summit of Mt Lofty to Cleland Wildlife Park. This trail is great for all abilities as it is quite wide, easy in gradient and surfaced the whole way down. The trail is dual direction making it fun both up and down, however it is also shared by walkers so take care on the way down. The Lofty/ Cleland area is highly enjoyable, and I would strongly recommend checking it out.


Kersbrook is a great location which has recently had a strong growth in popularity since the nearby Fox Creek was burnt down. Kersbrook is unlike Mt Lofty in that it’s not a National Park but comes under Forestry S.A land, which a small group of super dedicated volunteers trail build, creating and maintaining the trails for everyone’s use. The trails here are relatively beginner friendly with multiple options to go for, bigger or smaller jumps and plenty of signs to let you know there is a feature coming on the trail. Although there is no main trail head at the moment all trails are sign posted and a map can be found on the Kersbrook MTB Facebook Page. I would recommend these trails if you are an intermediate to advanced rider.


If you are an advanced rider this is one location, you will love. The best way to describe Kangarilla is Adelaide’s slice of Canada, steep, loamy pine forest fun. The climb up there is steep and that is why this location is perfect for an E-Bike. The hills are relatively short therefore you can achieve close to 10 runs within one hour. These trails are not sign posted but can be found quiet easily with a fire road running up the centre of the forest with trails on either side. Most weekends there a solid group of riders here who won’t hesitate to let you tag along to the group and show you around. Although the trails are mostly advanced there are still trails that are more flowy and fun. They are located about 2km out of Kangarilla heading towards Meadows, you’ll see a pine forest on the right-hand side with a carpark just shortly further on. Enjoy Adelaide’s slice of Canada.