Will Ride

Founded in 2017 by South Australian World Cup mountain bike rider Will Rischbieth, Will Ride offers first-class service, expertise and advice.


The Will Ride difference:

– Australia’s leading E-Bike retailer.
– Short and long-term rentals and guided tours so you can find the right bike for you.
– First-class service and repairs to keep your bike in perfect working order.
– Reliable roadside assistance to get you back up and riding as soon as possible.
– A one stop shop. We have all you need, from bikes to spare parts and quality apparel to repair kits.


Will Rischbieth

Will Rischbieth is well known within the Mountain bike and Downhill circles as a former successful World Cup racer and competitor.
Will competed for several years until a back injury forced him to retire and pursue an enjoyable diesel mechanic career while his dreams of sharing his passion and commitment to cycling simmered in the background.  As a coach, tour guide and mentor he remains a passionate advocate for cycling for recreation, commuting, fitness and fun. After leaving the World Cup race scene in 2011 due to a back injury, Will discovered a passion for mechanics and for E-Bikes.

“E-Bikes gave me that opportunity to go out riding again with friends and not flare up my back injury. I thought, if this has happened to me at a young age, imagine how many other people out there are struggling with an injury and needing some assistance while they are riding.”.

Will bought the first Giant Dirt E-Bike to land in South Australia and after some solid bike testing between his dad and himself, realised the positive impact E-Bikes could have on peoples lives, especially for people new to cycling.



E-Bikes or Electric bikes offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.


                • E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 km/h (as per Australian regulations) which is much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape.
                • E-bikes make pedalling easier. Essentially, E-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered “assist” so when you pedal or apply pressure to the pedals, the motor kicks in to take some of the load.
                • You are in control. You can adjust the E-bike settings so you can choose how much boost you get.
                • E-bikes open up a whole new world. By taking some of the load, E-bikes can help you cover greater distances so you can ride more, try new trails while building your endurance and confidence.
                • E-bikes provide zero emission transport, reducing or eliminating toxic emissions, engine noise and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as freeing up traffic congestion.


Want to try before you buy? Why not join a Will Ride tour or try a short-term rental.



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