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Best After Sales Support Delivered Specialized Levo

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In stock now! 2022 Focus Sam2

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In store now Kalkhoff Enjoy the Commute

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750wh Bosch Smart System 2022 Focus Thron2 6.9 750wh

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Pre order today 2022 Kenevo SL Comp Carbon now available!

Get the E-Bike Smile! Hire an E-Bike Half, 1 or 3 Day Thrills!

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Come have a look at the newly released 2022 Levo's 2022 Levo Comp Alloy in store now!

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Available in these colours:

  • Diamond Grey

2022 Focus Aventura2 6.8 750wh

$6,799 or $78.45 RENT per week

Available in these colours:


F22 JAM2 6.7 NINE BLACK 625Wh

$7,199 or $83.07 RENT per week

Get that E-Bike smile!

Why E-Bikes?

Choosing an E-Bike

Let us break it down for you, and help you find an E-Bike solution.

What interests you about E-Bikes?

  • Exercise, the outdoors, mode of transport, riding further, riding without pain, other?

What type of riding are you doing?

  • On road only, gravel adventure, mix of on and light off road, Cross Country, Enduro, Downhill?

How many days a week would you ride?

  • Maybe 1 day a week, 2-3 days a week, more than 3 days a week?

How intense is the terrain you are riding

  • Mostly flat, mix of flat and hills, I have at least one or two steep hills on each ride?

Write down your answers and bring them in store. That is enough for us to point you in the right direction in store and answer the more technical and detailed questions with you face to face.

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E-Bike Tours

Pristine Parks | Tour Guide | All Riding Levels

E-Bike Tour Adventures

With five legalised bike parks within 20-30 minutes of the store Will Ride will to take you on an unforgettable E-Bike ride through the most scenic parts of the Adelaide Hills.

Is your bike in need of some love?

Keep your bike riding smooth

Is your bike in need of some love?

E-Bikes should be serviced regularly to ensure you are safe and have the best ride possible so if your bike hasn't been checked in a while, why not book it in for a service?

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Half, 1 or 3 Day Thrills


Half, 1 or 3 Day Thrills

We have current on road and off road E-Bikes available for hire from 1/2 day to one week!

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A Face of Turbo

Meet Tina

A Face of Turbo

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